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Welcome to the Homeowners Savings Club!

The development of network information technology has not only brought us various conveniences but also helped us save time and money. With the emergence of Cash Back Platform becoming the current trend, you can now receive cashback by shopping through their Cash Back Platform. For example, if you are going to shop at Macy ’s, you can first use your preferred Cash Back Platform as the entrance. After you have successfully made a purchase, you can get the agreed Cash Back. Another example is if you need to refuel your vehicle, you first must make an appointment on a Cash Back Platform, and upload a photo of the receipt to the platform to get Cash Back. A platform that helps consumers save and get cashback has become a popular trend, but in the field of homeowner services, there is never a similar platform to fight for the homeowner’s best interests. Homeowners’ services involve many aspects, such as selling a house, home financial planning, home renovation, etc. These projects have huge expenditures. And for the same service, the prices of services of different companies vary widely and even pay a few times more, the interests of the homeowner are harmed. A homeowners’ online platform is urgently needed to change the situation and help the homeowner get the best discount or get cashback, thus the Homeowners Savings Club was made and became a benchmark and pioneer in the homeowner service industry.

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