It’s easy to login / register, navigate to the right side of the home menu and click on the available options.

Enter the required information to proceed to the next step. You can also use your personal/business gmail to quickly login/register to Hsclub.


Profile Picture: Recommend size 300 x 300 px, 1:1 ratio. Image larger than this scale will display in error.

Select Your Public Name: Name that will be displayed to the public and your clients

License: Your Real Estate License number

Tax Number: Optional, not required

Service Areas: Separate each area name with space or comma. (ex: Queens, Brooklyn…)

Social media: All of your social media URL goes here. (ex: http://facebook.com/)

Change Password: You may change your password here

Delete Account: This action is non-reversible, any listings/information associate with that account will be deleted permanently

Update Profile: Confirm all the changes by clicking “update profile”

You can find the “Create a Listing” button on the right side of home menu. You can also navigate to your profile icon drop down and select “create a listing” in one of the available options.

Save as Draft: You don’t need to finish entering all the information in one sitting. You may save it as draft and come back when you’re able.

Property Title: Keep the title short and simple, avoid long names or description.

Content: Give buyers a quick overview of your listing by briefly describing all the features in short sentences.

Upload size: Recommend no larger than 1440x 900 px. Higher quality photos may take a while to upload, you may fill out other information while you wait.Fill out all field with appropriate information. Sq ft is used for all unit measurement.

Additional Details: In this step, add in any additional details that were not included in the previous step.

Features: Select any features that is unique or appropriate for your listing.

Begin typing in the address for your listing and select from the Google dropdown. We recommend this method in case your listing doesn’t show up correctly on Hsclub half-map.

360 Virtual Tour: Optional. You may enter your Youtube Video Embeded code here.

Floor Plans: Optional

If you have a sub listings, you may enter those information here.

Property Documentation: File size must not be larger than 5mb

GDPR Agreement: Carefully review our policy before submission. Once you’re ready, select “I consent to having this website to store my submitted infomation, read more infomation below” and hit “Submit Property.”

Here are some examples:

Start by tapping on the menu icon

Select Buy or Rent depending on your need and preference

You can alternate between listing view and map view for real estate properties at any time.



You can call and message the real estate agent directly by tapping on the call or message icon.

Agent phone number will display when you tap the phone icon.


You can also find this information below within a listing when you swipe down. In additional, if you’re interested in his other listings, you can do so by tapping “view listing”.



When you find a listing you like, you can swipe down to the address section and tap on the “Open on Google Map”, this will open up Google Map with the address automatically inputted.

If you lack an image resizing tool, you can use the Window Paint software to do the adjustment.

First, on your computer, right click on your photo and open it with the Paint software.Next, with your photo opened in Paint software, click on “resize” as shown below in step 1. Then, select “pixel” and enter the appropriate size dimension into the two boxes. Once that is done, hit Ok, and finally save the photo by clicking on the flash drive icon as shown in step 4.

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