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How will You Benefit From Renovation Services?

We have licensed contractors and renovation companies specialized in all sorts of projects. For small tasks, such as repairing cracks,  hot water furnace replacement, you only need to ask our contractor to solve it. For large scale projects such as refurbishing your home or change your roof, then you would need to contact renovation companies.

The flexibility of house renovation fees is wide. Most of the costs consist of mainly labor and materials costs. Labor costs in the United States are expensive. Our contractors have many years of work experience and high efficiency for a much lower price. At the same time, the renovation materials are purchased directly from wholesalers to reduce the costs further. Our contractor service is 30% cheaper than other companies. For example, a brand new bathroom would normally cost around $6500-$8000 market price, but we can do this project for only $4500-$5500.

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Renovation Project Procedures and Steps

1Asset 1 Renovation services include… Expand

Interior rooms, patio, kitchen, bathroom, house remodeling, wall repaint, heat furnace, sidewalk, roof, and water leakage.

1Asset 2 Onsite price estimation for… Expand

Renovation. Please contact the Queen’s representative, JOHN, to make an appointment, and he will send a contractor to your location to understand the specifications and requirements for renovation.

1Asset 3 Details of the renovation… Expand

project will be carefully noted. This ensure the quality of the project and a more accurate price.

1Asset 5 Once two parties sign the… Expand

renovation agreement, you will be asked to pay a deposit in advance to cover the cost of the materials.

1Asset 4 The contractor will give you… Expand

a price quotation based on the specification of the project, materials, and working hours.

1Asset 6 When you need to add… Expand

another renovation request, we will communicate in time to re-estimate the price. After two parties agree, please sign the supplementary clause in the agreement

1Asset 7 Upon completion, you agree… Expand

to pay the remaining amount after acceptance.

1Asset 8 If you don’t trust the contractor… Expand

or isn’t confident about the quality of the contracting work, and is afraid to pay in advance, then you can deposit funds into our platform’s escrow account instead and be guaranteed by our platform to ensure the security of the funds and the quality of the renovation project.

1Asset 9 After finishing the renovation… Expand

project, you can leave us a review on your level of satisfaction for this project

1Asset 10 Received cash payment as agreed from our platform. Expand

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Project – Whitestone

Project – Whitestone

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Project – Bayside

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Project – Whitestone

Project – Bayside

Project – Long Island City

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Project – Flushing

Project – Flushing

Project – Corona

Project – Fresh Meadow

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Project – Fresh Meadow

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Project – Bayside

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