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Turns out the sign I saw wasn’t the only one displayed in Seattle, where the internet’s demise would mean a heck of a lot of people were suddenly unemployed. The signs are in a variety of places and don’t all look the same, but they express the same date and message: Pack it in, internet, you had a nice run.

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LONDON, Nov 26 (Reuters) – Global stocks tumbled on Friday and oil fell below $80 a barrel after news of a possibly vaccine-resistant coronavirus variant sent investors scurrying to the safety of bonds, the yen and the Swiss franc.

police have brought the suspect surnamed Chau and other people involved in the case back to the police station for further inquiry this morning,” the government’s state “Based on the evidence collected from the previous criminal investigation…

On Tuesday, I snapped a photo of the message displayed at a closed sushi restaurant in my neighborhood. 2, 2021, is the day the internet ends. In my city, Seattle, random signs around town claim that Thursday, Dec. In the same lettering the restaurant once used to advertise that they were “now closed Mondays” or to hype their gyoza, 퍼스트카지노도메인 the sign now reads: “12022021 INTERNET ENDS.”

Alvin Chau, head of Suncity Group, is wanted by prosecutors in China’s Wenzhou city on alleged cross-border gambling activities and causing “severe damage to the social order of the country”, state media

Under the ISO9001:2008 management system, Our products got CE ,RoHS,FCC,PSE Certificates and some of them have got the UL Certificate.

Based on customer satisfaction and market needs, our company has established a worldwide distribution network, such as China mainland, Hongkong, Japan, Korea, South-east Asia, South Africa, Middle East, Europe and North America and more. Our main products are high power LED lights , LED tube lights, LED displays. Since ten years, Chipshow with the firm pace, hard studying and tireless efforts, has been the third LED products manufacturer which certified by UL and the fifth LED products manufacturer which certified by CCC in Chin

“Markets have been quite complacent about the pandemic for a while, partly because economies have been able to withstand the impact of selective lockdown measures. But we can see from the new emergency brakes on air travel that there will be ramifications for the price of oil,” said Chris Scicluna, head of economic research at Daiwa.

Little is known of the variant, detected in South Africa, Botswana and Hong Kong, but scientists say it has an unusual combination of mutations, may be able to evade immune responses and could be more transmissible.

So we not only have an end date, we have an end time.  Right now, it features a 1977 Arpanet diagram and a clock counting down to 2 p.m. Kurt Schlosser, my friend who writes for Seattle tech site GeekWire, discovered a website — 12022021endofinternet.com — that could be related.

Since ten years, Chipshow’s pace was through 106 countries and regions, completed a lot of large-scale outdoor led advertising display products that won the appreciation and trust of customer Since ten years, Chipshow has established a good culture atmosphere and core values, improving because of mutual recognition with customers, rapid developing because of cultural integration.

Slovakia announced a two-week lockdown, the Czech government will shut bars early and Germany crossed the threshold of 100,000 COVID-19-related deaths. European countries have expanded COVID-19 booster vaccinations and tightened curbs.

2, 2021 — so I tweeted it out, writing, “The internet ends Thursday apparently so get ready I guess.” I found the sign confusing — don’t even ask how long it took me to figure out that 12022021 was the date Dec.

It’s not clear if he’s the one who attached the sign, but maybe. On the Seattle subreddit, someone posted a photo of what seems to be a man climbing a Seattle street sign that has one of the “internet ends” signs.

In order to let the community residents understand the importance of census deeply, support and coordinate the census work actively, create a good atmosphere really for the sixth national census, a community of Wuxi carry out propaganda work for the community residents activel The decennial census is counted down again.

(This doesn’t work in other parts of the world, where the day is written before the month.) There are 22 such dates in 2021, but this one works for all eight digits, while some of the others only work if you shorten the year to two digits. 12-02-2021 is the longest palindrome date of the year, meaning it reads the same backward and forward. Maybe it’s not a big movie day, but it’s a cool day in numerical terms. So maybe some company decided to play off the back and forth of the date for a marketing stunt promoting a giant peanut-butter cup or something.

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